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Tanga tourism Guide

Tanga, located on Tanzania’s northern coast, is an enchanting destination that combines modern amenities with a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. From beautiful beaches to bustling street markets, there are plenty of activities in Tanga to keep visitors entertained. Explore the Usambara Mountains and their traditional villages, take a dive at Mafia Island Marine …

10 Must visit Places in Tanga

1. Explore the Amboni Caves Twenty minutes north of Tanga town, there’s a very small sign on the left side of the road:  “Department of Antiquities – Amboni Caves”.  The rough sandy track winds through scrub and low-hanging tulip trees, through the yards of several small houses, and dead ends in the thick copse of …

5 Delicious Kilimanjaro Foods

5 Delicious Tanga Foods

Tanzania is a country that offers many gems for travellers – the majestic Mt Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, and the pristine beaches of Zanzibar to name a few. But what many travellers often overlook on a trip through Tanzania is the food. Simple, filling and flavourful, what it fails to offer in flash, it will more than …

Top 10 Hidden Places To Explore In Tanzania

Top 10 Places To Explore in Tanga

The popular attractions in Tanga include: 1. Saadani National Park: This is the only wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania that combines a beach and game reserve. Tourists come to spot lions, giraffes, elephants, hippopotamuses, and numerous bird species. 2. Daraja Mbili Waterfalls: Located near the city center, these two waterfalls are a must-see for visitors to Tanga. 3. Pangani …


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