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luxury buses from Tanga

Most of travellers who have ever been to Africa would agree that if you want to have an authentic experience there, you should use public transport. It is the cheapest way of getting around and it is one of the simplest way to get in contact with local people.

Traveling by bus in Can is exhausting if you are not careful to pick the right buses. Some of them are hot with no ac, rarely stop, and are packed full of people. With that being said, if you DO NOT have  enough information, Tanzania buses can be a great experience with the right mindset. 

Fellow passengers are friendly and interesting to talk to, the views are spectacular, and you get to experience some entertaining African film and music during the journey.

Bus travel is really the only option for traveling Tanzania on a budget. The African rail system is incredibly limited and flights are too expensive. There are two types of bus you will encounter in your journey: coaches and minibusses.


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